“…I never thought that I would get to a stage to where I am now. I cannot sing the praises of David and Andy enough!”

"...They’ve been great to deal with and the results have been excellent."

"Despite having bad disc degeneration, Andy proved that I could return to a normal life..."

“The impact on my quality of life is simply indescribable.”

 injured my back lifting a trailer on to a tow bar in April 2014.  I was confined to bed for three weeks with acute low back pain and sciatica, virtually unable to move.  I spent most of the following 22 months unable to work, with crippling  low back pain and weakness. On two occasions I was admitted to hospital as the pain was so bad and I was unable to move off the floor for 3-4 days. I saw seven different physiotherapists in this time and none of them were able to return me to good health, despite several hundred sessions of physiotherapy (and acupuncture and osteopathy) over almost two years. Two of the best spinal surgeons in Auckland suggested I should consider a spinal fusion owing to the degradation of my lumbar discs.  I then found Andy McGregor via his website.  Andy immediately diagnosed that I had severely weak glut and back extensor muscles and that the pain and inability to move was likely as a result of this weakness.  Andy started me on the MedX Lumbar Extension machine at his practice, which, over the course of 6 months improved my back dramatically.  After one year I am 95% pain free, working full time, doing gym work outs, lifting my toddler son without problems… all things that would have been totally impossible in the months prior.  Despite having bad disc degeneration, Andy proved that I could return to a normal life if my back strength was at its peak.  That is what I have done.  I wholeheartedly endorse Andy to anyone with back problems of any description.  He is streets ahead of any of the other physiotherapists I saw, in his ability to diagnose and to treat a severe back condition competently.  I would be more than happy to discuss my condition and the treatment I received from Andy with anyone at all who is concerned about their own situation, wondering what to do, or is considering using Andy."


Christoph Hoessly, Auckland, March 2017

I have had lower back trouble for many years, managing it mostly with exercise and chiropractor treatments when necessary.  In late 2015 it got so bad that none of the usual things were helping.  Just getting through a working day at my desk job was really painful.  An MRI showed bulges and tears of two discs (L4/5 and L5/S1) and on a medical specialist’s advice I tried two steroid injections.  Each one was great for about 3 weeks then it was back to square one.  Then, through word of mouth, I found Andy McGregor.  Within a week I was feeling significantly better, and now (six months later) I’m about 90% better. I’m pretty much pain free.  I’m really grateful to Andy and Functional Physio. They’ve been great to deal with and the results have been excellent.  I’d recommend anyone with a similar sort of problem to try them before trying any sort of medical procedure."

Patrick McGrath, Auckland, January 2016

After recovering from 13 years of being completely bedridden with CFS, I had a very weak and dysfunctional lower back that was causing me continual frustration and massive limitations in my life."

After trying everything, I decided to give Andy and the crew a go. I have experienced incredible success on their specialised machinery under Andy’s guidance. Started at 50 pounds and have now hit 120 pounds after around 6 months."

For the first time I can lift most things without fear and often crippling consequences. That in turn means I have a much better quality of life – running my business much more efficiently and doing watersports again, which is my passion."

Thank you.

Richard Cranch, Auckland, January 2016