Testimonials – What our clients say

“…I never thought that I would get to a stage to where I am now. I cannot sing the praises of David and Andy enough!”
“...They’ve been great to deal with and the results have been excellent.”
“Despite having bad disc degeneration, Andy proved that I could return to a normal life...”
“The impact on my quality of life is simply indescribable.”


Back and Neck


I injured my back lifting a trailer on to a tow bar in April 2014.  I was confined to bed for three weeks with acute low back pain and sciatica, virtually unable to move.  I spent most of the following 22 months unable to work, with crippling low back pain and weakness. On two occasions I was admitted to hospital as the pain was so bad and I was unable to move off the floor for 3-4 days. I saw seven different physiotherapists in this time and none of them were able to return me to good health, despite several hundred sessions of physiotherapy (and acupuncture and osteopathy) over almost two years. Two of the best spinal surgeons in Auckland suggested I should consider a spinal fusion owing to the degradation of my lumbar discs.  I then found Andy McGregor via his website.  Andy immediately diagnosed that I had severely weak glut and back extensor muscles and that the pain and inability to move was likely as a result of this weakness.  Andy started me on the MedX Lumbar Extension machine at his practice, which, over the course of 6 months improved my back dramatically.  After one year I am 95% pain free, working full time, doing gym work outs, lifting my toddler son without problems… all things that would have been totally impossible in the months prior.  Despite having bad disc degeneration, Andy proved that I could return to a normal life if my back strength was at its peak.  That is what I have done.  I wholeheartedly endorse Andy to anyone with back problems of any description.  He is streets ahead of any of the other physiotherapists I saw, in his ability to diagnose and to treat a severe back condition competently.  I would be more than happy to discuss my condition and the treatment I received from Andy with anyone at all who is concerned about their own situation, wondering what to do, or is considering using Andy.


Christoph Hoessly, Auckland, March 2017

After recovering from 13 years of being completely bedridden with CFS, I had a very weak and dysfunctional lower back that was causing me continual frustration and massive limitations in my life.

After trying everything, I decided to give Andy and the crew a go. I have experienced incredible success on their specialised machinery under Andy’s guidance. Started at 50 pounds and have now hit 120 pounds after around 6 months.

For the first time I can lift most things without fear and often crippling consequences. That in turn means I have a much better quality of life – running my business much more efficiently and doing water sports again, which is my passion.

Thank you.

Richard Cranch, Auckland, January 2016

I injured my back in a work-related injury four years ago and slipped two of the discs in my back. Simple tasks such as vacuuming the house were almost impossible to the extent where being in an upright position caused too much pain and I would need to lie down on the floor.

I had several painful epidural injections which were only temporarily helpful before pain increased again. My future seemed to show only a long process of pain and possible healing only through surgery, which I desperately wanted to avoid.

Finally, physiotherapy was suggested to help maintain and reduce my pain. I had been to hundreds of physiotherapy appointments previously and I had almost given up on a non-invasive treatment. My husband suggested I try Functional Physio and it was the best decision I could have made for my health. After a year of at Functional Physio, my back pain is minimal, daily tasks and everyday living are a breeze and I have even started to get myself in shape.

Many thanks to Functional Physio


Sashi Ali, Founder of Caring for Child Cancer, February 2014

I have had chronic neck and head pain for over 12 years and the many treatments I have tried for this have resulted in little or no success. I was advised by a neurologist to see David Woodbridge at Functional Physio (due to his specialist training and equipment) to strengthen my neck muscles for a permanent solution to the pain.

I have completed half of my 6 week treatment plan and my pain has reduced by 80%. The impact this success has had to my quality of life is simply indescribable.


Vicki Stanton, Auckland, September 2014

Twelve years ago I fractured my back weight lifting. In 2011 having refractured my back and slipped two discs in my lumbar spine, I was basically incapable of doing most normal activities and was on heavy doses of multiple pain medications which made working difficult.

After an MRI and a specialist telling me I needed a double lumbar spinal fusion, I sought the advice of David Woodbridge. Six months on his lumbar strengthening machine and the results are phenomenal.

From three months in I was able to start reducing my pain medication, and after six months my back muscles have more than ten times their injured strength. I was able to come completely off pain medication and now I live a normal active life! I can go to the gym, walk and drive around and will be able to dance with my wife at our wedding in March. I recommend Functional Physio and MedX strengthening system to anyone considering surgery.


Simon Wordsworth, March 2012

Having suffered a prolapsed disk many years ago I am accustomed to lower back pain & manage it as best I can with visits to physiotherapists & pain killers.

After a 6 week session with David and on his lumbar strengthening machine I have to say I was quite blown away with my speed of recovery and have not required any pain medication since.

My back has never been better, cheers David!


Simon Howard

I cannot recommend David Woodbridge highly enough for the wonderful treatment and great communication he has given me over the past 9 months. When I first visited David I had been booked in for a 2nd Spinal Cortisone injection after having had a decompression operation the previous year, which was unsuccessful. I was suffering extreme sciatic pain and could hardly walk some days, and the only answer we could see to this problem was to try another decompression operation.

My doctor referred me to David and advised me that he had this wonderful equipment from America which has performed beyond expectations and after 9 months I am completely free of pain.

Thank you so much David for your wonderful help.


Jackie Cooper

I came to Functional Physio on a recommendation with back pain down my right side to the base of my spine. Initially, I had three sessions per week graduating to one session. After my second week I noticed a marked improvement in pain reduction and flexibility. Now I have completed the course I have no pain and greatly improved flexibility. Thank you David.


C Richards

I have had lower back trouble for many years, managing it mostly with exercise and chiropractor treatments when necessary.  In late 2015 it got so bad that none of the usual things were helping.  Just getting through a working day at my desk job was really painful.  An MRI showed bulges and tears of two discs (L4/5 and L5/S1) and on a medical specialist’s advice I tried two steroid injections.  Each one was great for about 3 weeks then it was back to square one.  Then, through word of mouth, I found Andy McGregor.  Within a week I was feeling significantly better, and now (six months later) I’m about 90% better. I’m pretty much pain free.  I’m really grateful to Andy and Functional Physio. They’ve been great to deal with and the results have been excellent.  I’d recommend anyone with a similar sort of problem to try them before trying any sort of medical procedure.

Patrick McGrath, Auckland, January 2016

Between 2012 and 2013 I had terrible lower back problems. The initial injury was caused by lifting a heavy TV, followed by recurring injuries to the lower back from sport etc. The initial lower back pain was so intense, causing me to pull out of all sport and even having the odd day off work (sedentary work too). Being an active person and wanting to get back to sport, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I did see a Chiropractor for a while, which alleviated the pain however the re-injury rate was high given the fact I still had a significant lack of strength in my back. I never felt comfortable bending too far past my waist in fear that I would get a spasm again. After yet another injury to the back whilst trying to get back into gym work, I had had enough so called David (who I had recently heard about from a friend who had similar issues). When I went in to see David and the team, everyone was extremely professional and willing to help. David got me to do some ROM movements and could immediately diagnose what my issues were – significant lack of strength in my lower back that had resulted from the ongoing injuries to the joint. I saw David once a week where he put me through a range of exercises including the incredible MedEx Lumbar Extension machine, various Pilates based exercises and the hip abductor machine. My progress was monitored very closely by David. Within the first two sessions I was noticing a massive difference and after 6 weeks with David I could safely say that my back had never been better. I felt so much stronger, got back to running, playing golf, tennis, swimming and back in the gym. I would highly recommend going to see David and the team. After trying nearly everything to try and fix my back and spending a lot on doing so – I firmly believe that David and his team were by far the best solution to lower back problems I had come across.


S  Caulton, Auckland, May 2014

I had low back pain for the 15-20 years before I came to see Tim and the MedStrength team. I believed the pain was due to a deformity at birth and nothing would be able to clear it.  The pain at times would be so severe it was difficult to walk and put me off going to the gym. Working through a program aimed to strengthen my core, improve my range of motion and correct my imbalances has given me two months of pain-free daily living.

I have been able to confidently put myself into positions where I would normally have aggravated my lower back, even completing the Auckland Half Marathon last month. I now believe I can keep up the gym exercise and remain pain free for the rest of my days.

Thank you Tim for correcting my pain and giving me relief after so many others have been unable to do so.


Pip Cucksey, November 2013

I suffered a back injury after a substantial fall off a building site in Australia some 20 years ago, causing damage to my lower back. At the time I was relatively fit and young and Doctors at the time didn’t pick up that I had 2 damaged discs.

Now, as I age, and in particular over the past 6 years, I have had to manage chronic pain on a daily basis (never having full night sleeps and not managing day-to-day tasks) – and after many visits to acupuncturists, osteopaths etc, without any significant results, I came across an article about Functional Physio and the MedX Spinal Strengthening Machine and haven’t looked back since!

With regular visits to Functional Physio under the professional eye of David and Andy, using the Spinal Strengthening Machine, the improvement to my back has been phenomenal!  I never thought that I would get to a stage to where I am now and thought the pain and reduced movement was for life!

I cannot sing the praises of David and Andy enough! They have been so caring and supportive and after over 20 years of various treatments I have never come across a facility as professional as Functional Physio and MedStrength.


Grant Fyfe, Auckland, September 2012 

My name is Ben Mackinnon,

I am New Zealand’s top bodyboarder and am currently the only New Zealander competing on a very competitive World Circuit.

Over the course of my adolescence and bodyboard career I have suffered from many major and minor back problems. I have seen every professional under the sun: from Osteopaths and Chiropractors to Yoga Instructors and Pilates Trainers. Not one of them has come close to the results that I have achieved during any of my sessions with David Woodbridge.

My sport is one of the hardest sports you can do on your body, impacts from large heights, heavy wipe outs and many encounters with reef. David has helped me to stay in my sport, a sport dominated by youth, into my 30’s and beyond. His strengthening regime for back and neck is so far ahead of the current climate that it is only a matter of time before the rest of the medical industry catches up with it.

I highly recommend David and his practice to anyone suffering long-term and short-term back and neck pain.


Ben Mackinnon

I am currently a patient at Functional Physio. I feel I need to explain my injury in detail for you to get a full feel of the amazing improvement I have made since seeing David Woodbridge and his colleagues.

Three years ago I had a fall which resulted in pain in my left hip and left groin. I had 3 months of treatment at the local physiotherapist and had no improvement. An x-ray showed I had a spondylolisthesis so I was sent to two different Orthopaedic Surgeons and had an MRI. I am a dance teacher so my work is very physical. Another 6 months passed and my pain got worse. Most nights I would come home and not be able to walk up the stairs. My pain had gone from 5 out of 10 to 9 out of 10. I saw a musculoskeletal specialist who injected me with several cortisone injections which gave me relief for 3 months but this soon wore off and my pain returned. I started to see a chiropractor which gave me temporary relief but didn’t last.

I was confused and didn’t know what to do next then it was suggested to me by a friend to try Functional Physio as they have a MedX spinal strengthening machine that isolates the weak spinal muscles so that they can be effectively strengthened to support the unstable spine. I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go. On seeing David and Stacey it was discovered I had no left leg strength, couldn’t balance on my left leg and because my injury had not been treated correctly for so long my left leg muscles had diminished. It was so refreshing that finally someone explained what was happening and could give me a solution and hopefully a full recovery. At Functional Physio I was given emotional support and a full explanation of what was happening to my body in a way that was easy to understand.

I can happily tell you how wonderful I am doing and what fantastic improvements I have made. I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in over 2 years, my pain has diminished greatly and I have my quality of life back again.

Any minor or severe injury, I would highly recommend anyone to seek advice and treatment from Functional Physio. A year ago I couldn’t walk and now I am dancing again.


Angela Sharplin, Whangaparoa, Auckland


In 2011 we discovered our daughter had scoliosis in her lower back that was a 33 degree curvature.   We visited an Auckland surgeon who said the mostly likely remedy would be surgery when she had finished growing.   Knowing that she had about 18 months growth left we asked if there were any options we could try in the meantime, he said no.   We were later suggested a brace treatment by a friend whose daughter had already had major surgery at age 13 for her Scoliosis.   So we went to Australia for a brace fitting and after three months of a really good effort we all agreed that there must be a better less restrictive and invasive way.   A local Osteopath, Rachel Ellery, suggested that we contact Dave Woodbridge of Functional Physio as she had heard of his research.

I have to confess we were all pretty sceptical in the beginning – especially when we discovered that each visit twice a week took less than 10 minutes.     After 5 months we are absolutely thrilled with the results.   We haven’t had another x-ray to measure the difference yet, but to the naked eye we can see quite clearly a very definite improvement.   In fact on most days her spine looks completely straight now.    The under developed muscles on the left have formed more and the over developed muscle mass on the right of the curvature has shrunk – her spine looks straight!

We believe Dave and his team are really on to something here and would recommend this treatment strategy as the very first port of call for any adolescent with scoliosis in their treatment range.

Thank you Dave and Co!


G & B Bailey, Waimauku, April 2012


I had three partial rotator cuff tendon tears, a damaged bursa, fluids in wrong places, all close to the bones as a result of a degenerative ten-year shoulder injury and hadn’t bowled without discomfort in that period. My doctor said he wouldn’t bet on me bowling again but sent me to see Andy. At this stage I couldn’t even pat the cat or do up buttons without severe pain.

I am well-versed in gym training techniques and human physiology, knew immediately that I was in good, knowledgeable hands, about a minute into my visit.

Together, Andy and I charted an 11-month-long path to recovery, slowly providing strength and stability, discussing setbacks, injury management and sketching out new exercises each month, rehearsing them in their in-house gymnasium.

Now, at this stage, I’m hitting 115Km/hr with an indoor ball, without any pain and only slight tightness. I still have 3-4 months of rehab to go and I’m confident that I will be back to full function by next season. In addition I now have a set of skills enabling me to continue to take care of my shoulder in the future.


Nick Keesing, Auckland, August 2015

I wanted to send you a note expressing my appreciation of your management of the rehabilitation of my shoulders, rotator cuff surgery on the left, AC joint dislocation on the right.

The series of exercises you prescribed building mobility and strength, along with clear explanations of the rehabilitation process, built my confidence and provided the motivation to keep working. Setting realistic expectations of progress really helped to keep my morale up.

I now feel that I’m almost back to full function, mobility is great and I’m progressively building back to full strength.

Thanks again, Andy, for your help.


Kane, Auckland, September 2013

I had a frozen shoulder for at least 6 months before I finally gave up and saw my GP who recommended I get a cortisone injection from a local “expert’. After a month or so when nothing had happened I finally went to Andy (who had successfully treated me many years before for an elbow problem).

He investigated and recommended a specialist sports doctor for another cortisone injection and then a course of physiotherapy. The sports doctor was excellent and was pleased Andy was my physiotherapist.

After the injection (which worked well ) Andy went to work and with a nice mixture of good humour, discipline and science and – despite my skepticism – managed to get me to 95% recovery in about 6 weeks.

It’s great to have my arm and shoulder back to normal and I would recommend Andy without reservation in the future.

Thanks for a great outcome.


Malcom Morrison, March 2011

This is an unsolicited reference for Andy McGregor. Andy saw me last year for neck pain that had bothered me for more than 20 years. During this time I had seen multiple physiotherapists, chiropractors and GPs about this problem. However, the problem persisted.

Andy identified that the problem was not my neck but my shoulder. He saw me once and gave me exercises to strengthen it. Through these exercises the shoulder strengthened and returned to its correct position. The strain on my neck went away as did the pain.

I recommend Andy very highly.


Eve Rudkin, Auckland, April 2015

Frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis). 

Several years ago I had a right frozen shoulder and eventually saw a Specialist who administered a cortisone injection; this shoulder resolved. From time to time, it would worsen and become very painful with restricted arm movements, and further cortisone injections were given over time. Overall this shoulder regained about 80% movement.

Recently I suffered a traumatic injury to my left shoulder, and you guessed it, it froze! Not only that, my right shoulder decided to join the party and I had two frozen shoulders simultaneously, complete with the agony and restrictions that come with them. Andy set to work on both shoulders and I did eventually have a cortisone injection in the newly-injured shoulder after seeing a Sports Physician. With Andy’s direction, expertise, discipline and humour (“laughter is the best medicine”), together with my sheer determination, I willingly did all the ever-changing exercises prescribed. It did take time and effort, and the end result is I now have two shoulders back to 100% and stronger than ever! Hands-on physiotherapy has made a HUGE difference and it is great to be able to achieve simple tasks often taken for granted again.

I continue to be active and sporty (and mature), and have visited many different physiotherapists over the years; Functional Physio is the best, with its warm, cheerful atmosphere and friendly, professional staff. I highly recommend their services. Thank you Andy.


Shirley McLaren, February 2012

Hips, Knees and everything else

Unbelievable! I am in my mid 50’s and have always led an active life. I’m not a natural sportsperson but have always kept myself fit by either running or visiting a gym. For over 10 years whilst living in Singapore I used to run 10km each morning. I loved it, but the pain in my hips grew so great I opted for power walking. This was nearly 10 years ago. I believed I was heading fast towards a hip replacement so dropped regular walking and increased my time at the gym. Some 4 years ago I had an accident and walked into a tree and damaged vertebrae in my neck. I visited a general physio and whilst I regained movement the pain was remained. I believed I would just have to live with it and it was having a major effect on my ability to sleep. My partner was visiting Andy McGregor at Functional Physio and he urged me to try the clinic as well, as all I seemed to be doing was addressing the pain at the time but not correcting the underlying problem.

After a few twists and turns, Andy wrote me a programme of 4 exercises to do on the clinic’s specialised machines. Only 15 minutes of exercise! I was to do them every second day (maximum) for a month and then take it from there. Within the first 2 weeks the pain from my hips had disappeared completely and by the end of the month there was no pain in my neck. UNBELIEVABLE! I am stunned by the excellent results and wonder how other physios can justify not utilising this highly successful approach. And I’m back running again too. Looks like there’s a few more miles left in the old bird yet!

WHEN I have another tumble I know where I’m going first! Thanks Andy!

Lisa Perry, October 2012

I was absolutely thrilled to find after years of being less and less able to take a deep breath, that after your hands-on skill and “the back machine”, my lung function improved! I am very grateful.

 Dr S C