Sports Injuries

Treatment and Prevention of Sports Injuries

We have extensive experience treating many types of sports injuries at both competitive and recreational levels, in both adults and children.We have worked with the Auckland Blues, Jonny Reid (A1GP racing car champ), members of the Black Caps and elite athletes from the Sports Academy.

We are also the current Team Physiotherapists for AGS 1st XV Rugby, 1st XI Football and 1st XI Hockey.

Many sports injuries have an underlying cause, such as poor technique, poor equipment and muscle imbalance. At Functional Physio, not only do we treat the local injury, but we also assess and treat the underlying cause. This is so important to help prevent the injury from recurring.

An example of muscle imbalance is weak core muscles (back and abdominal) which support the pelvis and lower back. When these muscles are weak, increased stress is placed on other parts of the body, leading to injury of these tissues.

We understand the importance of liaising with the injured athlete’s coaching staff and other professionals when required. Hence we have developed a close liaison with many sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and other health professionals to help return the sportsperson back to their sport as quickly as possible.

We employ manual therapy, massage, acupuncture, exercise prescription and state-of-the-art MedX medical and exercise equipment in our rehabilitation programmes when treating injuries as well as patients recovering from reconstructive surgery e.g. knees and shoulders.



Back to Full Function!

MedX for Sports Medicine

A strong and stable back is essential for most sports.
MedX strengthens weak backs and prevents them from becoming injured or painful. MedX strengthening ensures your back remains strong and stable. Because MedX objectively measures spinal strength and flexibility, we can easily set goals for return to sport.
Athletes from many different sporting codes have utilised MedX to give them a competitive edge.

My name is Ben Mackinnon,
I am New Zealand’s top bodyboarder and am currently the only New Zealander competing on a very competitive World Circuit.
Over the course of my adolescence and bodyboard career I have suffered from many major and minor back problems. I have seen every professional under the sun: from Osteopaths and Chiropractors to Yoga Instructors and Pilates Trainers. Not one of them has come close to the results that I have achieved during any of my sessions with David Woodbridge. I have known David since I was a trainer at Bodytech Gym in 2001.
My sport is one of the hardest sports you can do on your body, impacts from large heights, heavy wipe outs and many encounters with reef. David has helped me to stay in my sport, a sport dominated by youth, into my 30’s and beyond. His strengthening regime for back and neck is so far ahead of the current climate that it is only a matter of time before the rest of the medical industry catches up with it.
I highly recommend David and his practice to anyone suffering long-term and short-term back and neck pain."

- Ben Mackinnon