Surgical Rehabilitation – Pre & Post Operative

Facing surgery?

Functional Physio, in conjunction with MedStrength, offers specific Pre- and Post-Operative Rehabilitation Programmes designed and monitored by physiotherapists.

The programmes utilise MedX state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment to cater to specific conditions, as well as to increase general strength and fitness.

The rehabilitation programmes are suitable for all age groups.

Make an appointment to talk through your personalised Pre-operative and Post-operative programmes.


Pre- and Post Operative Programmes:

Pre-operative 6-week programme:

Initial Physio Assessment and programme design, Physio Reassessment after 3 weeks. Includes full use of MedStrength gym.

Post-operative 6-week Programme:

Initial Physio Assessment and weekly Physio Consultations thereafter (5 in total). Includes full use of MedStrength gym.