Why We Are the Best – Helping You Back to Full Function!

At Functional Physio we often hear, “I wish I had come here first!”

With our experienced Physiotherapists, unique rehabilitation equipment and dedicated gym, we can often help you when others can’t. Our results speak for themselves.

Functional Physio has been helping people back to full function for over 15 years.
Our areas of expertise are the diagnosis and treatment of Spinal Conditions, Sports and Occupational injuries and Muscle Imbalance.

We focus directly on establishing the cause of the injury and appropriate measures to take in order to prevent the injury recurring.

We utilise specialised MedX Spinal Strengthening Equipment for accurate analysis, treatment and strengthening of most spinal conditions. This technology was developed at the University of Florida Medical School and is currently being used extensively in America and Europe by Spinal Surgeons and other specialised Health Practitioners. Read more about the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine.

We created MedStrength, a unique strengthening gym and rehabilitation facility, enabling patients to utilise state-of-the-art MedX equipment within their rehabilitation programmes. For more information on MedX, click here.

We are experienced in treating adults, adolescents and children.

We liaise with other health professionals such as sports medicine physicians, surgeons, GPs, podiatrists and massage therapists.

We can refer for x-rays and ultrasounds where required.

We are an ACC Accredited - Primary Treatment Provider.
NO referral required.